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Personal Loans

Everyone has a plan for the future.  Maybe you’re looking forward to purchasing your first home, or remodeling the one you’re in.  Perhaps you’re just thinking about how great it would be to cruise the lake in a new boat.  Equity Bank offers a variety of personal loan options to meet your needs and achieve your goals.  Contact one of our consumer lenders at your local branch to learn more.

  • Auto Loans
  • Recreational Loans
  • Home Improvement
  • Debt Consolidation


Home Equity Line of Credit

There’s money inside your house and we don’t mean under the mattress or between the sofa cushions!  Our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) gives you access to the money you need at a competitive rate.  You can use this product for:

  • Automobile Purchase
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Dream Vacation
  • Home Improvement

Actually, you can use the funds from your Home Equity Line of Credit for just about anything you want.  You’ll enjoy flexibility in managing your finances and peace of mind that you have funds available to you when you need them.  Our product features:

  • No closing costs (on some programs)
  • Rates tied to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate
  • Interest may be tax deductible for most borrowers.*


Second Mortgage

Take advantage of a low-interest, tax-deductible* fixed rate loan to remodel your home, take a vacation, purchase a new boat, or pay for education. Like a HELOC, a Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage, is based on the available equity in your home, but unlike a HELOC, it has a fixed-interest rate and a fixed payment amount.

With this option, your loan is disbursed in a single check. We offer a free automatic loan payment option to our customers along with a free checking account.


Equity Reserve Line of Credit

The Equity Reserve Line of Credit gives you peace of mind when life throws you a curveball. Unexpected car repair, a broken appliance, or a broken arm—an Equity Reserve Line of Credit will provide the cash you need to get your life back in order. Or, use it as Overdraft Protection on your Equity checking account. Either way, we have you covered for life’s surprises.

  • No Annual Fee
  • Unsecured personal line of credit
  • Use for Extra Cash OR Overdraft Protection
  • Low minimum monthly payments
  • Available on Consumer Checking accounts (excluding Impact Checking)


Eliminate The Worry Of Two House Payments

Don't be caught in a quandary when you want to purchase or build a new home, but haven't sold your current one. A Bridge Loan allows you to borrow the equity in your current home and use it as a down payment on your new home. Then when you sell your current home, you simply pay off the Bridge Loan.


Your Dream. Our Financing.

Building your dream house? Let us fund it with a construction loan. We offer a competitive rate to help finance your dream. And, once your construction is completed, we can help you with your mortgage.


* Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest.